Camping Protocols

Practice Social Distancing  

Please keep in mind, these are extraordinary times, and while we want to continue to bring fans out to the races, we must do so in a safe manner. Hopefully soon we will be back with social gatherings, but in the meantime, please respect those around you and remain at your campsite. 

  • Camping guests will be instructed to stay in their designated reserved space and distanced from other campers.
  • While in the spot and remaining distant from other camping guests they will not be required to wear a mask, face shield or other face covering. 
  • Face coverings must be worn anytime a camping guest is not in their campsite. 
  • Signage will be visible throughout the campground regarding protocols camping guests must abide by. 
  • If camping in an area where there is an empty spot adjacent to your assigned spot, guests should not use the empty space for parking, gathering or any other activities. 
  • Entertainment that promotes social gatherings is not allowed; stages, bars, compounds, circling the wagons, DJs, live bands, loud sound systems, etc. will be strictly prohibited. 
  • Grilling is allowed at your designated site with your individual group. 
  • All campground restrooms and shower facilities will be closed. Camping spots are for self-contained RVs only. 


While at your campsite, with your group feel free to relax and enjoy the races as usual. When leaving your campsite, fans must wear a face covering at all times.