Track Facts

Richmond Raceway offers great racing action and a commitment to the fan experience. One of the most popular facilities among drivers and fans in all of motorsports, Richmond Raceway hosts two weekends of NASCAR racing. 


  • LENGTH: 3/4-Mile, measured 13-½ feet in from SAFER Barrier.
  • SHAPE: “D”-Shaped Oval
  • WIDTH: 60 feet with a 10-foot apron.
  • BANKING: 14 degrees in turns, eight degrees at starting line on 1,290-foot front stretch, two degrees on 860-foot back stretch.
  • RADIUS OF TURNS: Turns 1 and 4: 1198.68.  Turns 2 and 3: 365.00
  • PIT ROAD: 64-foot width with 43 concrete pit stalls, 28’ x 19’.SEATING: 51,000 seats, plus 680 seats that are part of the TORQUE Club and 80-person Victory Lane Club. There are also 40 luxury suites.
  • SAFER WALLS:  Added in 2003.
  • INFIELD EXPERIENCE: The FanGrounds allow fans access to the historic Richmond infield. The new interactive infield gets fans closer than ever before with fan-viewing walkways in the NASCAR Cup Series Garages.

TICKETS: 866-455-RACE (7223) or visit

CONTACT US: Fans can e-mail questions or comments to [email protected]

LOCATION: Near intersection of interstates 95 and 64 in Henrico County, Virginia at Richmond City limits. Address: 600 East Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23222.