We care about making sure all of our guests who visit Richmond Raceway have their needs met. We've listed some helpful information and tips for our ADA guests in hopes it will assist you when you visit us. If you have any questions or need additional information, please send us an email at [email protected].


Accessible Seating options for the our NASCAR events are available on platforms within the Veranda, Dogwood and Colonial platforms, as well as in the Dogwood and Commonwealth Towers.  All Accessible seating includes a space along with the option to purchase additional companion seating.

Located on the east side of the of the Commonwealth Grandstand, escalators are available to transport all ticket holders in the Commonwealth Mezzanine and Commonwealth Tower from the ground to the Commonwealth Mezzanine and the first row of the Commonwealth Tower. Use the elevator at Level 4 to access to the top rows of Commonwealth Tower.


For quick entry into the lot, please hang your handicapped parking permit on your rearview mirror before you arrive at Richmond Raceway.

  • Please clearly display your handicapped parking permit.
  • Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis at Gates 2, 4, 6, and the Service Gate.

Preferred Routes:
Laburnum Avenue West via 360: turn right into Gate 2.
Laburnum Avenue East: turn left into Gate 2.

From 295: Meadowbridge Road, turn left on Carolina Avenue, turn right into Gate 6.
From Laburnum Avenue via 360: turn right on Carolina Avenue, turn left into Gate 6.

Laburnum Avenue West via 360: turn right onto Richmond-Henrico Tpk then right into the Service Gate.
Laburnum Avenue East: turn left onto Richmond-Henrico Tpk then right into the Service Gate.
From 295: Meadowbridge Road/Richmond-Henrico Tpk, turn left into the Service Gate.


Richmond Raceway has a fleet of handicap assistance carts to help our disabled guests who require assistance with transportation within the immediate raceway property. While these carts do not pick up at specific camp sites or parking spaces, we will pick up and drop off from Guest Services tent locations as shown on the site map. These sites are located along the transportation route. Please note these carts can assist a disabled guest and one companion.


Handicap assistance carts transport to and from guest service tent locations which are located on the defined transportation route. Exit the cart closest to your destination along this route.


Handicap assistance carts transport from the following designated locations beginning 30 minutes post-race:

  • Virginia is for Lovers Frontstretch Gate
  • Gate 40-Turn 1
  • Gate 70-Turn 4

The post race drop off points will be to the outer edges of the parking lots. Carts cannot go into the parking lots or campgrounds during post-race, due to vehicle traffic.

See the property map on back cover foldout for exact locations.

•  The handicap assistance carts provided by Richmond Raceway are for disabled ticketholders. Please respect this policy.

•  Please be advised that delays may occur during peak volume times immediatelybefore and after the race. Transports will occur in the order of the guest’s arrival, and all guests should note that the carts are busiest two to three hours before the race. During this window, wait times can approach an hour in length, so please plan accordingly.


•  Guests CANNOT use a handicapped parking permit unless the person to whom it is issued is the driver of or passenger in your vehicle.

•  A valid photo ID will be required for entry into the ADA lots.

•  The permit must be hung on the rearview mirror when the vehicle is parked in the disabled parking area.

•  Both sides of the parking permit must display valid decals (month/year and driver’s license number).

•  Parking permit number must be displayed toward the front of the windshield.

•  Handicapped license plates accompanied with a photo ID may be used in lieu of a parking permit.

•  According to Virginia law, unlawful use of a parking permit is a Class Two misdemeanor.

•  Refusal to cooperate with law enforcement officers implementing this program can result in removal from the property.

Please note that law enforcement officers will be verifying that the person to whom the permit is issued is either the driver of or a passenger in the vehicle.


Restrooms equipped for handicapped access are located throughout the grandstands and facility grounds. Family unisex restrooms are located in the Dogwood Tower, Veranda Grandstands, and the Commonwealth Tower and Mezzanine.


Guests may bring their own wheelchairs for personal use while visiting Richmond Raceway. Richmond also allows Personal Electric Transport devices that are commercially built for handicapped individual use only.

PLEASE NOTE: Richmond Raceway does not provide or rent wheelchairs or scooters.


If you are having difficulty accessing our website, please click here or contact 866-455-RACE (7223).